Editorial: Duo Bleu


Life in blue is cool like jazz, calm like the tropics, at times lonely like travel. Thankfully for Durimel their life in blue also signifies style, grace, experience, and understanding. Life in blue is rare, thoughts in blue are simple, a double sided coin that whispers in the ear of chance and adventure, and taps psyche on the shoulder. Illustrated with the design of WTAPS, Neighborhood, and Krisvanassche...

Art Direction, Photography, and Fashion by:


Models: Jalan and Jibril Durimel

durimel whiteBall Cap by WTaps, Elastic Wool Tapered Trouser by Krisvanassche

durimel white 2

Vintage Satin Coaches Jacket by WTaps

Durimel white 5

WP-1 Patch T-Shirt by Neighborhood

durimel white 4

Design 01 T-Shirt and Design Hooded Sweatshirt by Wtaps, Elastic Wool Tapered Trouser by Krisvanassche