Editorial: The Lush Life


The young Upsetter known as Winston enjoys the relaxed life filled with lush sounds and textures. Sometimes perched up high, sometimes slung down low. Its easy when you have a friend like the four legged Frank. He never lets Winston down, and he always has the Upsetter's back, even during the rough times. Fortunately there are no rough times when you have friendship, and understanding to go with style, confidence and intelligence. Fun times illustrated with the designs of Uniform Experiment, Sophnet, and Thom Browne...

Art Direction, Photography, and Fashion by Durimel

Models: Winston the Upsetter & Frankie

Durimel photo winston 3

Eye Wear by Thom Browne

Durimel photo winston 4

Knife Pleated Shirt and Padded Flannel Shorts by Shaun samson

Durimel photo (18 of 23)

Knit Cap by Sophnet and Padded Tunic Top by Shaun Samson

Durimel photo winston 2 copy

White Line Flannel Check Shirt by Uniform Experiment, Padded Flannel Shorts by Shaun Samson

Durimel photo winston

Stadium Blouson, Mix Pattern Flannel B.D. Shirt by Sophnet