Editorial: The Haunt of Fear


A pair of drifters from the netherworld wander into town in search of lovely. In the process they harness fear, devour bravery,

drain minds, and lurk silently through the night. Seen only in the subconscious of those who are truly afeared; TrenTruce and the deity known as Akalarre Sorta

lurk the neural pathways, and control a place in the psyche where angels dare not venture. A ghoulish nightmare illustrated with the design of 3.1 Phillip Lim,

and Pigalle...

Art Direction, Photography, and Fashion by Camille Lepen

Models: TrenTruce and Miles Wilkerson

Haunt-of-Fear-FINAL-001 Haunt of Fear FINAL 02 Haunt of Fear FINAL 03

Play Chart Bomber, Play Chart Jogging Pant by Pigalle

Haunt of Fear FINAL 04 Haunt of Fear FINAL 05

Haunt of Fear FINAL 06 Play Chart Bomber , Printed Mesh Tank Top (L) and Hooded Sweatshirt (R) by Pigalle

Haunt of Fear FINAL 07

Haunt of Fear FINAL 08 Neoprene Overcoat (L), and Hybrid Lounge Pant (R) by 3.1 Phillip Lim

Haunt of Fear FINAL 09 Basketball Sweatshirt by Pigalle, Hybrid Lounge Pant (R) and Neoprene Overtcoat (R) by 3.1 Phillip Lim