Editorial: Giallo


Giallo me. Giallo you. Giallo us. Giallo do...

The color of imagination and psyche comes and goes like the shadow of the sun. Brooke lives

life the same way. An energetic body of movement illustrated with the style of Acne Studios, Visvim, CDG, Fear of God and Adidas...

Art Direction and Fashion by Elizabeth Birkett-Gibbs

Photography by Patrick O'Brien-Smith

Models: Brooke Barrett


Short Sleeve Pullover by Philip Lim, Trousers by Homme Plus, Shoes by Adidas/NBHD


Bomber by Fear of God, Flannel by Visvim, Trousers by Acne Studios


Bomber by Fear of God, Flannel by Visvim

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Shirt by 3.1 Philip Lim, Trousers by Miharayasuhiro


Shoes by Acne Studios


Shoes by Adidas Consortium