Editorial: Eyes of Sorrow (Maybe Tomorrow)


Its more than a feeling, its a more than thought, its a matter of style by way of psyche. As hard as it may be to upset the young Upsetter, he is a being of feeling,

charisma and creativity. Not all things can be quantified with ease, but when deep feelings turn one's eyes into a sea, its best to stay composed, graceful, and free.

Young Winston will persevere, his day will come. Maybe tomorrow.... A visual tale with depth, composure and fashions from 3.1 Philip Lim...

Art Direction, Photography, and Fashion by Durimel

Model: Winston the Upsetter

Upsetter 01

Reversible Bomber Jacket, Dolman Shirt, Judo Shorts, Nylon Backpack

Upsetter 02

Box Cut Jacket, Tampered Panel Pants

Upsetter 03Reversible Bomber Jacket, Box Cut Jacket