Editorial: A Way At the Beach


Jackson finds a new way, a different train of thought, in one peaceful wave of the mind somewhere on the edge of time.

Illustrated with the fashions of Krisvanassche + UNION, Ganryu, and Adidas + Palace..

Art Direction, Fashion, Photography: Durimel

Model: Jackson Englund

kva 1

Coaches Jacket, Sweatpants by Krisvanassche + UNION

kva 2

(L) Winbdreaker by Adidas + Palace, (R) Blazer, Chambray Shirt, Drop Crotch Trouser by Ganryu

kva 4

(L) Windbreaker by Bianca Chandon, (R) Windbreaker, Shorts by Adidas + Palace

kva 5

Sweatshirt by Bianca Chandon

kva 6

Parka by Ganryu

kva 7

Blazer by Ganryu, Shirt by Krisvanassche + UNION