Editorial: Bright Future


Vision, stillness, patience and psyche. A mixture of essential elements that help with the shape of things, whatever those things may be. Durimel ponders the future, and revises the past. How can this be? Perhaps riding on the cusp of a distant thought form Durimel realizes expression is the key, and the future is limitless. A quiet journey illustrated with the designs of Bedwin, and Visvim...

Art Direction, Photography, and Fashion by Durimel

Models: Durimel

durimel bedwin union

Hughes Samu Shirt (White), Jill Chambray Coaches Jacket (Blue) by Bedwin

basic two photo 6

Cassidy Denim Jacket by Bedwin, Americana Deck Folk by Visvim

durimel bedwin union photo 5

Hughes Samu Shirt and Mark Tapered Sweats by Bedwin

basic two photo 7

Ross German Sarrouel Chino by Bedwin, Mesa Folk by Visvim