Do This: Annual Arts for Rights Event

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What are you doing this Human Rights Day? Join Amnesty International USA, in partnership with Arts for LA, The Underground Museum, and Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network, for the annual Arts for Rights event in Los Angeles December 7- 11. Together they are bringing a week of art activism to Los Angeles and setting out to reach a goal of 10,000 actions on behalf of this year’s Write for Rights.

Be a part of the creative powers of visual artists that shine light on and elevate the 12 cases of Amnesty International’s global Write for Rights letter writing campaign. This art exhibition in the world famous Container Yard in downtown Los Angeles will see the creation of 13 original 5’ x 8’ murals, the curation of an installations on the current refugee crisis, a high profile visual arts competition hosted by Secret Walls, and a series of curated discussions around the human rights work and the arts.

Artists include: Alexander John (Atlanta), BK the artist (new york), Brandan "BMike" Odums (New Orleans), Douglas Miles (Arizona), JC RO (Los Angeles), Jerome Larrigue (New York), Joseph Lee (Los Angeles), Kristy Sandoval (Los Angeles), Ricky Lee Gordon (Los Angeles), Sophia Dawson (New York), Sara Sandoval, Tim Okumura (New York)

To sign up and attend, please go to for more information.

Hope to see you there.