Do-It-Yourself Space Suit

We recently came across a really dope podcast called 99% Invisible... it's all about things happening in the world of design, architecture and anything that makes up our built environment. So far we've listened to about 4-5 episodes that are entertaining and educational... stories about the how the revolving doors came to be, what role noise plays in our everyday lives, and, the latest, is about a guy up name Cameron Smith in Portland, Oregon who is designing and building his own SPACESUIT! Yes... spacesuit. He is sourcing all the materials and hand making every part of the suit himself. When it's ready, he plans on floating 50,000 feet up into the air in a balloon, which he is also sewing himself, to see if he can sustain a little trip into space. DAMNNN~ Good luck in the race to space Mr Smith... we got your back. Look out Virgin Galactic! just-the-suit-e1386031337369 st_obsessed_diy_spacesuit7_f spaceblog space7