Designed Specifically To Reproduce Both Modern Dance Music And "Hells Bells"

How well a sound system is designed and laid out can make or break one's listening experience. This has especially been true since music took a shift with the widespread use of non-acoustic instruments. Sound systems brought volume to all genres of modern music - rock, reggae, disco, techno, hip hop, and any other genres that have come along since the mid-20th century. Throughout the years numerous configurations of sound systems have been developed by musicians to create a multitude of sound experiences. The latest project in this realm is coming to us from James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and the Dewaele brothers (aka Soulwax and 2manyDJs). We came across this blog post on The Verge about the trio's 50,000-watt speaker stack, which consists of "eight enormous 11-foot speaker stacks, positioned in a circle pointing at the audience in the center." DAMNNN...! Read more about these magnificent stacks that utilize McIntosh amps right here... despacio-003-560Image credit: Ellis Reid