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An exhibition curated by Elizabeth Birkett.

DEAR SIS, Style is something that is natural to who I am and handed down from my ancestors. It is my raw and sincere form of communication and self-expression. Through the eyes of a woman peering through a lens, these photos are of women I admire. I sought to being about their own personal expressions from our unique perspectives. The photo vignette shrines and the short film doc are made for and by women and women of color. I selected each member of my crew and each subject because they represent strong courageous women that I admire and respect. I'd like to see more of us representing us and what Art is from the perspectives of Women. Thank you for being you and participating in this journey with me, Marlana LaMothe, February James, Tanya Melendez, Jessi M'Bengue, Lauren Halsey and Onye Anyanwu. Thank you to the crew, Onye Anyanwu, Heather Sommerfield, Sing LAthan, Abena Amoafo-Yeboah, Brandy Rice, Deena Sennie, Gina Finch, Chris Gibbs, Kahlil Joseph, Koulé Farms, Epilogue Inc, Michael Shields, Allan Finamore, Viola Creative Studio, Ed Dymek, Alta West Adams, Bloom and Plume, POVEvolving Fine Arts, Band of Vices, Sonos Wireless Speakers and Commonwealth Projects. Thank you Adidas Originals for giving me this platform. -Beth Birkett Gibbs

Here's a visual recap of Friends & Family night, enjoy y'all!

Last but not least, here's the video by adidas Originals: Creating a Classic with Beth Gibbs