Cut From A Different Cloth

Have you seen Obscura Magazine's write-up on OAMC recently? It's pretty fucking good! Here's a snippet... "There was a time, not too long ago, when the height of style was found not on runways or city streets, but on construction sites, railroads and in the coal mines of decades past. America was reeling in the midst of its most recent economic crisis and in their search for stability and authenticity, men gravitated away from the fast-fashion, high-tech trajectory of modern life to the simple, rugged uniforms of blue-collar workers and heritage-driven brands. Fast forward to 2014 and times have changed. While the attraction of workwear - and its core values of quality, function and longevity - remain as relevant as ever, today’s menswear labels are now thriving on the collision of styles and influences, as well as the fine balance between durability and forward-thinking design." Read the rest of the article here in English and Chinese! getimageHave you seen getimage-4 getimage-2 getimage-3 getimage-1