Chris' Birthday dinuh!


This past Thursday Beth got everyone together for a potluck dinner to celebrate Chris' birthday and remind him that he's getting old. :P... So we did what we do best and got some chips, dips, booze, and food and had a great time, getting drunk and talking shit!

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Good vibes and Alcohol

with lum (1 of 17)Those are actually dips, they looked so fancy I thought they were candles. GOOD SHIT! :P

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The food ended up being completely Vegetarian, maybe cause we're cheap and no one wanted to buy meat. However, Beth's Lasagna was FIRE!

with lum (5 of 17) Grubin and Chatin

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FUCK! twin bumped into Beth!

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Then Chris's homie came through. Little did he know he was about to witness Chris' downfall in being "Dominos Champ."

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DA Keeds! This is the little bit we saw of them though, later on they went off and played computer games...

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When you're Chewing something gruesome but still wanna look fresh for the pic!

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When you get your shit together.

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if you gift Chris rum its gotta be some heat, yes, much like the Venezuelan "Diplomatico" you see to your right.

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Let the games begin!

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Not going so swell for the birthday boy as you can see.

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1st win for Vic and Jibril.

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Third win and they got a bit excited!

with lum (1 of 1)-2Birthday boy takes the loss like a good sport.