Chat and photo series with photographer "Ricky Chapman"


Sat Down for a chat with photographer "Ricky Chapman" who's a good friend of the shop and just chopped it up about his interests and latest travels. Ricky is a big advocate on the process of shooting film and observing light. Check out this photo series he did on Veneda Budny bellow and the answers why he is dedicated to his old school medium.



-If you could only shoot with one camera which would you choose.

The one that's in my hands at the time - I'm always finding a new favorite. It's an old German medium format Zeiss Ikon Nettar from the 50's at the moment.


-What other art forms is your work inspired by. I'm inspired by the art in light more than anything else. It's always about the light. Then a mix of music, sculpture, and portraiture.


-What's the one thing that makes you continue shooting film.

The process of film - when you're working with a human being, is vastly different from digital in our selfie/iPhone world. Without being able to look at a screen and decide if it "looks good" all along the way, I'm forced to trust the medium, trust the camera, and trust myself. Myself and my subjects are able to exist in the present, instead of already moving to editing and post. That's why, that in-the-present, trust based process is what I love about shooting film


-What would you be doing if it weren't photography.

That's a tough one - I'm going to say it's a three way tie between chef, dancer, and fisherman.


-What culture do you enjoy and pull from the most.

I love my Chinatown. Not sure how much it makes its way into my work, but the community values, work ethic, and mind numbing fashion decisions I see outside my flat every day mean a lot to me. Keeps my brain healthy.


-How was Morocco?

It was both amazing, and tiring. Some of the most beautiful landscapes, and yet difficult always being seen as an opportunity for cash in such a tourism focused economy. Still lots of inspiration and new images to come.