Cats Out of the Bag : Slow Culture Gallery

Words and thoughts by Thomas Sebastian Galasso Photos by Camille Lepen

When I was a little kid, my dad would like to reference and mention how much he loved Felix the Cat. I never got into it. As time passed I started to

appreciate the iconic imagery of the cartoon/comic strip cat that seemed to exude a similar moxie to my brethren in Black America. (Funny thing how one can identify race and

style through cartoons and such.) Not sure what it was about Felix, but I always thought he was cool despite never really digging deep into the ancient comic strip character.

So with that in mind, I get word there's going to be a crazed art show featuring some of the best L.A. has to offer doing their spin on the iconic imagery. I get there with the

homie, the camera, and a tiny bottle of HAM (in case I'm not feeling what they are serving). But the fucking line was like half a mile long and I despite being sly and cutting

through it just wasn't enough, even if I had friends who were showing their work. There were lots of interesting faces, babes, styles, and gutter worms all waiting to get in. It was

sure to be something amazing. Fuck. Oh well, I returned to the Slow Culture Gallery a few days later and got a chance to see what the hype was all about.


I was definitely bummed I couldn't get in that opening night, but its all good I had a great time anyway, and didn't even notice how cool the face of the gallery was.

Shame on me...

felix 9

A cheap suit, bottle of HAM, cakes, and chance. Its all the stuff of legend, like a seedy character from a pulp novel.

felix 6

This little collection of work summed up my mood while at the gallery. I felt like River Phoenix, but like River Phoenix after a blunt, on his way to chop it up with the

homie Felix and discuss abstract art.

felix 5

This is the kind of thing my pops would have taken me too back in the late 80's. I would have instantly believed in the power of the cat known as Felix.

felix 7

I loved how there were so many different interpretations of Felix. Everyone was on their own trip and it kept things interesting. Too bad I couldn't get in there when

some of the varied styles of human were wandering around taking in the work.

felix 4

Two of my faves without a doubt. The one on the right for sure.

felix 1

I loved this one. They had Marina Abramovic running, tearing up at the cat known as Felix. I stated before, he has something special. Not sure exactly what. But it

made her cry. I love gross old TV's.

felix 8

It blew my mind to know that a Hajime Sorayama piece was in the house. Had I known that earlier I would have been the first motherfucker in line on opening night.

But I don't know, maybe my head was up my own ass as I arrived at an inconvenient time.

felix 10

I got turned on by these images for different reasons. Guess that makes me a bad person. Oh well. I always thought it novel that that Chevy dealer downtown had

that big ass Felix sign. I want it. The original one. I just don't have a place to put it.

felix 2

I was into this as you can see. Reminded me of this crazed spot in San Francisco, like on the outskirts of the Mission District. There was this old storefront that would

stay open until way late, and inside was a maze of nothing but old televisions showing mostly static and snow. It was creeper vibe for sure. Old TV's (especially when its more

than one), are gross and eerie. Reminds me of different times. Hats of to this whole little set up.

felix 3

Fucking bizarro. Not mad at it. Once again, I blew it by missing the opening night, but it was well worth my time to come back and visit the gallery.


The Slow Culture Gallery is run by super chill folks in the Highland Park neighborhood in L.A. For those not in the know, that neighborhood is the latest blow-back from the

remake/remodel vibe that Echo Park and Downtown L.A. have undergone over the last six or so years. The gallery is a great addition to that area, and for a split second I was

reminded of cooler times in cooler places. We highly recommend you pay the gallery and this exhibit a visit should you be in the area.

Opening Reception: May 8, 2015 6-10PM

Exhibition Dates: May 8 - May 30 2015

5906 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042

Participating Artists:

Aaron Elvis Jupin

Adam Villacin

Anthony Samaniego

Aryo Tohdjojo

Bien Philty

Brendan Donnelly

Chad Pitman

Daniel Albrigo

Darren Romanelli

Eric McHenry

Hajime Sorayama

Ill Studio

Jamal Gunn Becker

Jay Howell

Jeremy Shockley

Joe Roberts

Justin Hager

Ken Garduno

Kostas Seremetis

Kristofferson San Pablo

Kyle Ng

Langley Fox Hemingway

Letter Cat Sign Co.

Lizette Hernandez

Luke Pelletier

Maxwell McMaster

Matt McCormick

Mike Gigliotti

Nathan Bell

Nathan Kostechko


Oliver Clegg

Phil Frost

Phil Nisco


Ryan De La Hoz

Scott Tepper

Sean Solomon


Tarl Kuhn