Catching up with Sean Pablo

Catching Up
IMG_4718 Hi Sean how have you been, you seem busy, Have you been traveling a lot lately? Hi. I’ve been pretty good, currently in San Francisco filming for a new video. Besides going back and forth from New York and LA I’ve been in the states for the most part. Do you find inspiration through your travels, if so what type? I definitely get inspired on my travels. Being in a foreign country you never know what kind of weird shit you’re gonna run into. And then the coolest part is being able to turn what ever that may be into graphics/art… pdise1 Are you ever thinking about what is happening in the "fashion" world when you create your designs? I try not to. I guess I really don’t pay attention to the fashion world because its not as interesting as what friends and local brands are doing I guess. I try to get inspired by weird shit on the street like hand painted signs, BOOTLEG CULTURE $$$ The new stuff looks great! If you had to narrow it down what is the story behind this collection of Paradis3? Like I said it’s inspired by random shit we find walking around LA. We worked with a couple of artists, Esteban Swayze and LSD Worldpeace, and Soto Gang, to create graphics influenced by prison art, anime porn, vintage band tees, car decals, and the political nightmare that's happening in this country right now. Do you ever experience people not taking you seriously as a designer or artist because of being a professional skateboarder? Ha. Sure I get that a lot. Its like I don’t just think about skating. I'm constantly trying to think of new ways to grow the brand and make it sicker. Its crazy to me that some people don't believe an artist can have more than one practice or profession. Yea, I think that's a pretty old school way of thinking... that's on the way out. I guess since I didn’t (or haven’t yet) gone to college this is kind of my way of becoming educated or learning how to take care of real responsibilities. IMG_4722 With all of your different talents do you see your work with Paradis3 mixing with skateboarding, your photography, art (etc.). How does this benefit or harm the brand? I think it all goes hand in hand. All though Paradise isn’t a skate brand, its influenced by old skate culture, and by my friends who all skate and dress cool. And obviously photography is a big part of having a clothing company, so I'm trying to learn as much about that as I can on the sidelines. How do you feel that so many kids look up to for style or artistic influence? Ha. Its flattering I guess. Thanks kids. What would you hope a new customer takes away from your clothes brand? A feeling they otherwise might not have had. Any major goals for 2017? Gathering of the juggalos 2K17 Thanks for catching up with us Sean. Peace! IMG_4723 The latest collection of Paradis3 is now available in store and online.