Catching Up: Isaac Larose

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No more just stopping by the Union offices anymore to say "Hi!", if we're working, so are our visitors now. With all the talented people we get through here, we're going to take a moment to put some of ya'll on the hot seat, to give our audience a better look at some of the folks we're glad to call Friends and Family. With that said, what better way to get to know someone then through their phone, the thing we spend most of our days glued to. For the first installment of this evolving little series, we put Isaac Larose to the task. Half of Eden Power Co., co-run with his long-time girlfriend Florence Provencher Proulx, Isaac paid us an office visit ahead of last week's pop-up party in celebration of the brand's release at Union. We sent him over some questions/tasks and had get to work. Peep the results down below, and be sure to check out some of the remaining pieces from the latest Eden Power Co. collection available here.
UNION: Send a selfie . Any interesting stories about what you're wearing? Can you find a previously taken photo wearing the same thing? Isaac Larose: Had to sleep with my hoodie, thought LA was gonna be warm, I was wrong. U: Can you draw us a photo of where you're at? IL: Just switched to Pixel... Still not sure about this decision ... U: With your collection having been dubbed as "uniforms for a sci-fi utility worker," what are some of your sci-fi shows/movies you'd recommend for us to check out? What about it made it interesting to you? IL: Read DUNE. Watch Evangelion. No explanation needed. U: What's the significance of the photo used on your phone's lock screen/home page? IL: Don't have any. Not sure was it says about me. U: Share some of the latest music you've recently added to your music library. What about the music caught your interest if its something new, if it's something old, what's a memory that comes to mind from one of the songs? IL: I was listening to Loreena Mckennitt on the plane. That's my vibe haha. The book of secrets is by far the album I listened to the most in my life. A dear friend just released a new project called Varfalvy remixing some of Montreal's bests artists with a Hungarian twist. We played the unreleased tracks at the launch party. U: Find any photo from at least 6 months ago in your phone, and share with us the story as to why it was taken. Please include the date and location, as well as any people if they're in the photo. IL: Camping fun with Florence. U: Screenshot the last meme that made you laugh. U: What's your favorite non-social media phone app? When and where do you use it most? IL: Notes. I make lists of everything. I forget everything unless it's on the list.