California Running Wrap...

For those that don't know...last Sunday Union help a relay race to launch the California Running collection from KSWISS. Thanks to everyone who came out to our California Running Event. It was a blast and as we always say, "GTHBA"(good times had by all)! Extra special thanks to the teams who ran in the relay race: HVW8 Kswiss/Bagavagabonds - Team with most ringers. I expected a little more class from the Babenzien family. I guess I was wrong. Foundation showroom Union Mage Design Team - Best dressed! Full Camo with coach/Colonel Jerome "Charlie don't run" Kilgore. Classic! SlamxHype Team - Most disorganized (they didn't even have enough runners, my son had to run for them). The KSWISS/BAGAVAGABONDS (ringer) team won. Union came in second (no thanks to yours truly...we were in first place when I got the baton and we were in second when I handed it body is still in pain...I am out of shape), Mage Design came in 3rd b and 4th place went to HVW8. As far as 5th and 6th place goes??? N/A we are still waiting on them to finish. As for the rest...who cares, they lost. Until next year suckers!!!! Getting ready for the race Team Mage and Colonel Kilgore discuss their strategy Team KWSISS/BAGAVAGABONDS looking overconfident in their leotards. Team Union...Dueces! Yo. Slamxhype...all that stretchin ain't gonna help yall. On your mark... Get set... Go! And the winner is... Second place goes to Union... The winning dry hump as performed by those cheaters @ Bagavagabonds. The Union Team..sorry for losing this one guys... Anthony from SlamXHype...damn you are slow! KBILLA of UNDFTD made an appearance. What a fucked up family portrait. That guy behind me is Kwesi...he is like that Uncle we all wish we didn't have. Damn I married into a good lookin family. The wife, Brother Matt and our good friend Emily from Adidas...chillin. VIC, RYNO & THEMBI...thanks for making this event happen. Taking my revenge for losing the race out on some poor sucka...I am a beast in table tennis. Who ever wants it can come get it! Shout out to Sherm, who chickened out... Peace to Anthony Valadez and KCRW for the great musac all day. Anthony never fails to impress! Team Mage. Camo as fuck! Chester from Complex and UNDFTD's little sweatheart Jada. start here