BUSCEMI and friends...

Chris Gibbs Diary, Editorials

To celebrate and promote the release of the Buscemi 100 MM Mid Top shoe at Union, we decided to put together an impromptu photo shoot ...just for shits and giggles.

First call was to my homegirl and favorite photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis so we could make it look, right/right!

Next up I called my man 50 grand Sean Lyles and the most stylish girl in Los Angeles, Aleali May.

Oh, almost forgot...over 500K in gold provided by Shayan. U.O.E.N.O it!


IMG_3986LRSean: top and bottom sweat pants from Thom Browne (TBreezy)


IMG_4062LRAleali brought her own shit...pretty sure the pants are Balmain, but what do I know?

IMG_4093LRSean: Leather snorkel - Supreme, Leather Shorts - EnNoir


IMG_4175LRSean: Denim - Dior Vest - Ganryu, Aleali: Again, she brought her own...Pants - Balmain


Sean "suffering from success"


The hood "Two and A Half Men". Me, Buscemi and "the franchise"


While supplies last...