Born X Raised - Sadie Hawkins party 2015


Kind of on the later side to post this but we thought we'd do our own edit of some photos from the Born x Raised Sadie Hawkins dance this year. Some pretty crazy shit went down that night and we def had a blast. If you missed out, these shots will surely make you regret having gave away your admission wristband to your co-worker. Aside from memorabilia we actually really love these photos from an artistic perspective. Colors are fucking nuts!

Be safe and Happy Holidays!

Ps: Peep the video at the bottom.

Union ;)

DSC02589 DSC03192 DSC03194 DSC03224 DSC03166-2 DSC02815 DSC02850 DSC02866 DSC03127 DSC03157 DSC02814 DSC02786 DSC02775 DSC02765 DSC02730