Books: Adios

In every town, city, and country, there are, and will always exist, elements that make up the geographical location's personality. Some of these things shout "Look at me!", while some sit quietly, barely to be noticed out of the corner of one's eye. For many decades, the city of Los Angeles was graced by a variety of neon posters that sat somewhere between being obviously apparent and simply a part of the LA backdrop printed by the now closed Colby Poster Printing Company. There's no need to introduce these posters to native Angelenos because mostly likely you've seen and read the advertisements of everything from punk rock and hip hop shows, diet plans, bridal conventions, and/or the work of local artists about a million times while waiting for the stoplight to turn green or whilst whizzing by a wooden electric pole. We're really glad this book exists to carry on the legacy of the people behind the printing company and the Heidelberg letter press all the posters were printed on. DSC01116 DSC01117 DSC01118 DSC01119 DSC01121 DSC01122 DSC01125 DSC01129 DSC01130 DSC01131 DSC01133 DSC01134