Book: M. McLuhan & Q. Fiore's "The Medium Is The Massage"

It's always interesting to come across things produced in a different place and/or time that is completely relevant to the here and now. We found this book about 10 years ago for 75 cents at some shitty used book store. The Medium Is The Massage is a book that was originally published in 1967 about media and technology being an extension of human senses... there is no doubt that it does and is more than ever in 2012. (text - left: The shock of recognition! In an electric information environment, minority groups can no longer be contained - ignored. Too many people know too much about each other. Our new environment compels commitment and participation. We have become irrevocably involved with, and responsible for, each other.) (text: ".... compartmentalization of occupations and interests bring about a separation of that mode of activity commonly called 'practice' from insight, of imagination from executive 'doing.' Each of these activities is then assigned its own place in which it must abide. Those who write the anatomy of experience then suppose that these divisions inhere in the very constitution of human nature." - John Dewey) (text: Amherst seniors walk out on graduation address by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. June, 1966) (text - left: The environment as a processor of information is propaganda. Propaganda ends where dialogue begins. You must talk to the media, not to the programmer. To talk to the programmer is like complaining to a hot dog vendor at a ballpark about how badly your favorite team is playing.) (text - right: "The west shall shake the east awake... while ye have the night for morn..." - James Joyce)