Black Fly Day - C+


Our good friend and fellow La Brea Neighboor, Teron recently launched this line and we are excited to have it in the store. Simple and plain, its Lego inspired Jewelry. So far they have stud 1x1 earrings and two finger rings, but this is just the beginning. And the best part, you can affix real Lego pieces to these id you wanna trick it out...

The inaugural line of ©+ jewelry explores our need for belonging by re imagining the toy bricks of our childhood as jewelry. The universally recognized, colorful bricks that were once the creative building blocks of our youth are elevated to a new status as part of a fresh new line of identity accessories, reminding us that we’re never too old to play. ©+ features non-gendered two finger rings and stud earrings in 5 colors of ABS plastic and 2 precious metals.