Best Burger in town for just 1 Buck!


So we talk about two things here at the office... New shit dropping the following week, and Belcampo!

There's this new butcher(kinda) spot in West-hollywood called Belcampo that sells their own grass-fed beef burgers along with cold ready-to-go meals.

Point being is, within two weeks of opening their new spot here in West-hollywood almost everyone in town has agreed that they make the best burger and today they were letting them go for 1 dollar a-Muh-fukin-pop! so yeah, we had to come-thru!

IMG_0682 2

The Holy Sanctuary


This is the most packed i've ever seen it here. I guess dollar burgers had people pretty stupid today but at the same's Belcampo. Don't sleep.



Daddy taught me never to pass on a good deal so we hopped out with 3 burgers each just to let em' know we DON'T play games.

IMG_0683They even make their own Ketchup.

Point i'm making is you gotta check this spot out. This isn't an Advert. Just giving credit where it's due.

Belcampo West Hollywood - 8053 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA