Behind The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Most people who read this blog regularly already know what Wes Anderson-philes we are over here at Union... and if you didn't know, now you know. So there's no need to explain how psyched we were to find some behind the scene photos of the Fantastic Mr Fox, shot by photographer Ray Lewis. ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox1 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox9 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox17 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox7 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox11 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox2 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox6 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox4 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox3 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox14 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox8 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox12 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox15 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox16 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox5 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox10 ray-lewis_fantastic-mr-fox13