beastWAVE: Interview with Octavia E. Butler


An excerpt from the 1992 BBC documentary titled Black Sci-Fi. Octavia Butler discusses her career, and the presence of black people in the realm of science fiction. octavia1 An experience rarely noted in the world of science fiction writing is the presence of women, especially women of color. Octavia E. Butler is one of the most decorated science fictions authors in history, winning multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards. Her presence in science fiction has been imitated and has appeared in various forms of cinema and comic books. Why do we not hear about the psyche of the woman in this genre? Names such as Dick, Gibson, Ellison, Asimov, and Heinlein populate bookshelves, and the minds of many. Lets open our minds/psyche and tune our awareness, let us give the brilliant Butler her due. #KnowTheLedge ... 815Lmy8eqcL._SL1400_ SF0254 Survivor