beastWAVE : Ideals of Rutger Hauer


What is the beastWAVE ?

Taking control of the scene, whatever it may be is essential to the beastWAVE. The stylish Rutger Hauer does it like no other as he discusses Blade Runner, acting, and self worth in this amazing interview by John C. Tibbets. What we love about this is Rutger's tone, intensity, style and individuality during this piece. Rutger Hauer signifies the perfect example of a cyberpunk icon. His work in Ridley Scott's masterpiece Blade Runner as the character of Roy Batty stamps his place in science fiction history. The fashion in Blade Runner was ahead of its time yet borrowed then current elements from the post-punk explosion of the late 70's and early 80's (often confused with punk or goth) in addition to its vintage film noir homages. A big reason as to why the fashion stood out in this piece was the stature and beastWAVE of Rutger Hauer. He was handsome, menacing, humorous, and tragic all at the same time all while being the perfect model of trench coats and what could be looked upon as work wear inspired garments. The fashion and design elements of Blade Runner (as well as other cyberpunk works) are now more relevant than ever, and apparently Rutger knew what was good.