beastWAVE: Art Basel Miami or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Rage


Skater, photographer, man of many tastes, our friend Fersher took a road trip to beautiful Miami, Florida with the help of his

friends at Rip N Dip to rage, skate, bring great music such as Mike G and Father to a venue, and capture the modern-gonzo

vibrations of Miami's Art Basel this December. Enter the #beastWAVE...

Fersher 001

A radical performance by Father at the Rip N Dip party, and the scene outside the Trash Talk Pop Up shop in Miami.

Fersher 06

Fersher Miami 32 Fersher 002 Fersher 03 The raging was more than anyone could have suspected. Fersher 09

The beaches were clean, organized filled with topless babes, and the perfect place to do some early morning raging with the help of fine establishments as Wet Willies, and a fine product

known as Little Krugy.

Fersher 08 Fersher 10

Peaceful times again.

Fersher 04

Fersher 13

With the added help of the burgeoning art scene in Wynwood/ the New York art-kid-takeover; Miami seems like its locked into some cross dimensional vortex between the spirit of Mac Dre,

UK Acid House, and the ideology of the modern American skater bred with neon and a lack of self control. Magick.

Fersher 07

Fersher 05

Stay gnar like Shaun Ryder forever...