Hail Marni? O holy Nike? These days, hallelujahs are sprung out on fashion labels that perform as meccas with cult-like followings. Brands like Supreme and BornxRaised have both long-time devout as well as newly christened disciples constantly awaiting new products from their modern divinities. This extreme loyalty has an almost holy fervor to it that is, ironically, sacrilegious in its obsession with consumerism. While some may dismiss this loyalty as another fall to consumerist tendencies, you can’t deny the community-building aspect of it and the (cold hard cash) love towards small-businesses it generates. These brands, with new products and huge followings, help create youth subcultures—or at least looks and fine fits for them. While we definitely lose some form of individualism and that unique factor we seek in expression through these designers with many seeking the same SupremexNike AirMax sneaker, we can easily recognize our fellow brothers and sisters in style with subtle marks of certain brands. Amen.

RELIGION (1) Janae is wearing Gosha Rubchinskiy and J.W. Anderson. Elliot is wearing J.W. Anderson and CDG Homme Plus MADONNA (1) Janae is wearing CDG Homme Plus, Marni and J.W. Anderson. WORSHIP (1) Janae is wearing CDG Homme Plus and J.W. Anderson. VIRGIN (1) Janae is wearing Marni and Acne Studios BABYLON (1) Janae is wearing , Ganryu, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Acne Studios. SOLSTICE (1) Janae is wearing CDG Homme Plus, Marni and J.W. Anderson. Styled by Bephie Photography by Patrick O'Brien-Smith Children's clothes provided by: ROUBLEAU @Roubleau Text By Perwana Nazif Special shout out to King Roubleau for modeling for us. Thanks kid!