B.Y.O.C. Under The Night Sky

It's been hot as shit lately! But that hasn't stopped us from having some summer fun. Every Friday in August, we invited friends and family to a series of outdoor movie nights called B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Chair), where we played movies we love, ate popcorn and candy, and drank a lot of PBRs! Thanks to: - Devin and Steve over at PBR for supplying us with cases and cases and cases of beer - Noah and Karon for letting us use their backyard after our wack neighbors complained and called the cops on us in our backyard, forcing us to almost cancel the whole thing. - Kahlil Joseph and everyone at What Matters Most for letting us premiere the new Flying Lotus video (starring our own Beth, Solomon, and Ishmael Gibbs!) - Our homies (Al Baik, Kallen Yan, Julia Chiang, Rob Abeyta, and Noah Butkus) for taking the time out to create posters for each movie Here's a little recap... WEEK 1 - KIDS (Directed by Larry Clarke) We kicked off B.Y.O.C. with a movie that plays a huge part in Union's history. Friends of past and present make up the relentlessly honest story of KIDS. * Poster by: Al Baik, aka No Great Love... a graphic designer and talented part-time bunny based in Portland, Oregon. WEEK 2 - ROCKERS (Directed by Ted Bafaloukos) An odd oldie but a definite goodie... watch ROCKERS and dance to ill reggae tracks throughout the whole film with Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Burning Spear, Gregory Isaacs, Big Youth, Dillinger, and Jacob Miller. * Poster by: Kallen Yan... London, New York, Amsterdam and Hong Kong have all had the pleasure of experiencing the Office of Yan Kallen WEEK 3 - RUSHMORE (Directed by Wes Anderson) We wanted to play RUSHMORE because Max Fischer is our favorite extracurricular aficionado and to remind people what makes Wes Anderson great at what he does. * Poster by: Julia Chiang... making art in multiple mediums in Brooklyn for the world to enjoy and blogs Some Things Today WEEK 4 - BATTLE ROYALE (Directed by Kinji Fukasaku) Hunger Games didn't do a very good job of imitating BATTLE ROYALE. There is definitely no sugar coating of the ultra violent subject in Fukasaku's movie. He gives it to the audience as bloody and as raw as he possibly could have. * Poster by: Rob Abeyta Jr... Los Angeles-based Creative Director of DualForces wrecks ill havoc WEEK 5 - THE BIG LEBOWSKI (Directed by The Coen Brothers) The Dude helped us close out B.Y.O.C. with THE BIG LEBOWSKI, a movie that involves bowling, a soiled rug, a millionaire and his trophy wife, more bowling, ransom money, White Russians, more bowling, Walter/Donny/Jeff Lebowski/Maude/Bunny/Brandt/The Stranger/some Nihilists/Jackie Treehorn/Jesus and, of course, The Dude abiding. * Poster by: Noah Butkus ... an illustrator of fantastical characters, such as this one, who seem to always be hooded in something droopy. Maybe we'll do it again next summer?!