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With the cold weather here we can finally pull out those thick sweaters, winter coats and water resistant outerwear pieces... yes, we know Los Angeles winters are mild and non-threatening in comparison to most other geographic locations, however it still gets cold as shit and we need to wear jackets to stay warm! Anyway, we're not here to talk weather... we're here to talk about our friend Anthony Hope's ill collection of vintage Stone Island jackets. Anthony is a talented industrial designer by trade who has in the past worked for the likes of Nike and Adidas. Most likely you've worn a pair of shoes he designed in the secret caves of one of those companies years and years ago before the general public were made aware of them. So it's no surprise that someone like him would have amassed a collection of well-researched and intelligently designed outwear pieces by a brand like Stone Island, who take pride in their experiments with materials, functionality and durability. In sifting through Anthony's collection, we were reminded of why we brought S.I. into the shop... because every button, every stitch, every fiber, and every detail were designed to maximize the clothing's usability within different scenarios while still keeping the user looking sharp. Basically it's on some next level shit that we really respect! Have a peep, below, at a small selection of pieces from the early 2000's we pulled out of our homie's closet... Thanks for sharing Anthony!