America... Fuck Yeah! (my trip to DC to meet and style Clint Dempsey).

Chris Gibbs Diary
So Nike asked me to style Clint Dempsey (America's best Soccer/Football player) for a new campaign that they are working on. I went out to DC to meet him before team USA played Brazil, I also snuck in a little sight seeing on the side. We rolled "squad deep" with old man JP, Shaniqwa, Adam (Stussy) and Eric Elms. GTHBA (good times had by all). Most of my work was done in the day and I was only there for two days so I had to sight see at night. In the AM before work, linked up with Eric to do the cheesy tourist shit... Look kids! Lincoln Memorial UNION represent! It was really cool that they had a Tropic thunder memorial... As a treat after the styling, we got to go see the US vs Brazil soccer game at Fed Ex Field. BRAZIL!!! The view from our suite was pretty ill. JP, making sure no BALLZ get past him... Brazil kind of dominated... Look out later on to see the feature on what I got for Clint. One