A Typical weekend in SoCal...pt.4 (Secret park with the Sons of Labrea).

Every so often we get together with our A-Alike families and go to our favorite park (can't tell you where cause you might fuck it up for all of us, of and I don't want anyone to know that I play Ultimate frisby...oops!). This weekend it was for our friend Eric Ian's B-Day. GTHBA (Good Times Had By All). Happy Birthday Eric Hudson, Dex and Solo chill with young Rocco Cutest little mix baby you ever seen. You can't see in these photo's but he's a red head. Kinda dope! Kind of corny that the only caption I could come up with this one is.....wait for it....."All aboard!" sorry...I will get better... moms...gotta love em. Dads....who cares? My God daughter...ain't she cute? Happy B-Day to you too Tlali! more dads...who cares...really... Pete and James....I'm not sure what they are saying but I bet it went something like this...James just complained about something..."Fuckin water cooler, why come it ain't got no ice left, must be against the black man" (insert your own philly accent). and Pete said, "Yeah, Fuck that!" (insert nyc accent).