A Little Bit Of History: 1987, London

Before there were web shops, there was Bond International... the OG way! #tbt when Union was just a line of tees! See more pages from this iconic magalogue on Flickr... thanks for the heads up on this Elijah! 11878657486_3b51a11922_c 11878109443_a0108fa3fe_c 11878660096_8cd3f5be2d_c 11877855785_4ed888dfa2_c 11878286634_827a72d52c_c 11878774766_25f47e1499_c 11878331304_b80e97908d_c 11878381774_e2a1d88c20_c 11878715076_c67f47f472_c 11878217573_f94cd984fc_c 11878421484_4bfcb6813c_c