A Little Bit Of History: "Legal Institutions Of Debauchery"

One of our favorite ways of exploring the world is through the website Atlas Obscura... it is a site that believes there are still new things to be discovered under the sun that will surprise you, even though we live in a world that doesn't seem to be inclusive of that element anymore. It is a site dedicated to finding the odd, the educational, the random, the religious, the grotesque, the... well, anything! It is one of the dopest guide books ever invented! With the boys away in Paris right now for Men's Fashion Week, finding this article Atlas Obscura wrote on centuries past Parisian bordellos, or brothels, couldn't have been more perfect timing! Not to say they are out there going to those places... just saying that it's a nice coincidence and a good excuse to post something on the past. Anyway... When prostitution became an acceptable profession in 19th century France, many inconspicuous buildings, marked by specific clues as signage for the bordellos, began popping up around Paris. With names like “The Japanese Girls”, “the Sphinx”, and “The Oriental Palace”, these houses became hedonistic playgrounds for men to hang around in... lavishly decorated sexual labyrinths where men took in all types of pleasures. Bordellos offered everything from themed rooms, to restaurants, to sex furniture. Sounds fun to us! To learn more... check out the detailed article on Atlas Obscura or visit the few buildings that are still standing around Paris.