A Little Bit Of History: International Orange

"The first appearance of the name "international orange" to indicate a color occurs in the late 1920s, in the pages of journals with names like Airway Age, Aero Digest, and Aviation Week. The color, a vivid orange-red or vermillion, acquired its new name at the time of the first transatlantic flights, during the heroic era of Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. With its aluminum fuselage and wings tricked out in international orange, a small aircraft could glitter in sunlight, festively conspicuous against a clear blue sky, and even visible through fog. Second only to the silver of zeppelins and cinemas, it was the color of the future. As the color most intimately associated with civilian flight, international orange could not help but carry connotations of dynamism, optimism, and technological progress." (Read the rest of this article in Cabinet, Issue 50, Money/Summer 2013) Where to find international orange... golden-state-bridge-in-san-francisco-wallpaper-wallpaper 2 GoldenGateBridge 2 5805 Grizzlies 75 Road Csonka Kiick Warfield main_photo_01 sch6l sch7l 090608-sts127-padA-02 STS-78_crew