A Day at the Museum: MOCA



We took a trip to the Grand Avenue location of the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles to check out the Andy Warhol: Shadows, and Selections From the Permanent Collection exhibits. Both exhibits blend together somewhat, and to be honest its hard to tell where one ends and another begins, but thats cool too. Sometimes you gotta work for it. Here's some of what we captured.

700 701 702 704 02 Allen Ruppersberg still Life 03 Basquiat Untitled 04 Gabriel By Joe Sonsini 05 Danny Lyon 06 07 10 Phillip-Lorca diCorcia $20, 1994 11 12 13

The collections are eclectic, and have the feel of someone's personal art collection. The continuity or the lack thereof is evident, and thats what we dig. Andy Warhol: Shadows runs until February 15th 2015 , the selections from the Permanent Collection are considered an ongoing exhibit, that of course is always subject to change and modification. Its a quick, pleasant, breezy walk, and a great way to spend time alone or with a friend. Its a tranquil environment located in downtown, who would have thought?