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In a recent NPR interview with 9th Wonder, the legend producer as well as college professor, breaks down how he sampled and weaved together three different tracks for Kendrick Lamar's song, Duckworth. "It's just like fashion, it takes a mind to put all those together. If you don't know how to dress it up then don't wear it." 9th takes us through his thought process as well personal routine he follows exemplifying his drive and passion. He mentions how Pete Rock used to do 25 beats a week, that's equivalent to shooting 1,000 jumpers a day. How many jumpers is he shooting? 1,000 or 200? This sparked his routine, 30 Before Thursday - flip every record possible on and make 30 beats by Thursday. "I'm just doing what Pete and Premier did for me, and what James Brown did for them. Still just paving it forward, I always look at it as a link in the chain." Big ups to 9th for a solid interview, not going to lie one day I hope to crash his History of Hip-Hop college course! Peep the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23vumiogTQk