New Arrival: Visvim F/W '12

An early shipment from Visvim F/W '12 collection, some select pieces that fits right in with the current weather we are having. We received in the Kilgore Jacket which is a lightweight military inspired piece. To go along with that, a few button down shirts, the Becher Ridges and Albacore Pizi. If its just one of those day and you just need to be in a tee, do it right with the Beaded Pocket Tee, we don't want you walking around with just any randomness on. Lastly, a new batch of High-Water Chino's for your picking.
Visvim 1Visvim 2Visvim 3Visvim 4 Visvim 5
Visvim Kilgore Jacket Visvim Kilgore Jacket-9 Visvim Becher Ridges Shirt Visvim Becher Rideges Shirt Visvim Becher Ridges Shirt-3 Visvim Albacore Pizi Shirt Visvim Albacore Pizi Shirt-6 Visvim Beads Pocket Tee Visvim Beads Pocket Tee -4 Visvim High Water Chino Visvim High Water Chino-10 Visvim High Water Chino-9 Visvim High Water Chino-7 Available here.