2Toned Wisdom: Tacos & BBQ & Jeffrey Lee Pierce


Los Angeles is a maze of the hidden, the dope, and the delicious. Our friend 2Tone enlightens us with his experience and wisdom.


Eating is a big deal at BXR, as I’m sure it is at your office. Spanto might be as excited about food as he about causing trouble. Typically, after lunch, his first question is, “What's for lunch?” Were gonna start breaking down the best local spots we hit this week for your edification. First up is Tacos Via Corona located in Atwater Village. If you like breakfast burritos, take note: This spot is f..i..r..e...

A little dirty, L.A. music. The perfect soundtrack for hidden L.A. gems

. IMG_3549

We also hit up Cho Sun for the bomb Korean BBQ.

Shit’s on point, not much more to say. It’s well made, and not super heavy and smokey, but you will smell like a smoky meat storm of beastWAVE afterwards.No complaints here, look at those faces full of BBQ.

It's on the pricier side but well worth it....

Stay tuned for more 2Toned Wisdom.