Union/Visvim SS17 Trunk Show

Most of you already know about our Visvim Trunk show that we do twice a year, but for those that don't...basically, once a season we bring out a large selection of Visvim gear and do a trunk show. We allow people to preview the upcoming season and pre order their own personal selection. It's hard cause you have to wait 6 months to get the goods, but for those that love Visvim, it's worth the wait... This years trunk show is coming up next weekend; August 13th and 14th at the store. Be sure to come thru and check us out. TrunkShowflyer Here is a link to video of their first runway show that happened this past summer it Italy: http://www.pittimmagine.com/en/corporate/fairs/uomo/media-gallery/2016/uomo90/videovisvim.html See ya next week!