"000" Release Party

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PEACE Y'all!

This Thursday we are having a special in-store release party for our boy Jakob Deitell's brand OOO. This brand is new for us and has such a dope story behind it. It was only right we did something special for the release...

"The finest, whitest flour available throughout Europe is rated triple zero. International narcotics traffickers refer to the highest quality kilograms of cocaine as triple zero-grade. 000 represents the purest product available. Now before this gets mistaken for the glorification of street life and selling drugs let me stop you right there; that’s not what this is about. Tell you what though; moving hundreds of blocks a month sure seemed cool. Being a multimillionaire in my early twenties sure seemed cool. Doing whatever the fuck I wanted on the regular sure seemed cool. Federal prison for a decade plus, which is what it’s going to be if you’re really doing anything out here, wasn’t cool. Stuck behind the fence while my family and loved ones needed me most wasn’t cool. Being on the other end of those prepaid calls while I got the news that my grandmother/father/uncle/cousin passed wasn’t cool. Coming home from all that and turning the newfound perspective, patience and knowledge into something positive is cool. Not taking a second chance for granted and living the life I was capable of all along is cool. Taking all of the ugliness and negativity I put myself and family through and turning it into something beautiful is cool. That’s what this is about. 000 was conceived the day I was released from Lompoc United States Penitentiary after serving a 120-month sentence for drug trafficking. Knowing that I was never going back to prison, I wanted to do something that my friends and family could be proud of. I had always been interested in fashion, especially streetwear. I decided then and there that this was the next move. Each 000 product is cut, sewn and finished by hand in Los Angeles. Anybody you see pictured did FED time by my side behind the fence and is tried and tested. No locations or props; all houses shot at and blocks shot on are ours. Any vehicles pictured are ours. No dramatic representations, no artistic license, zero bullshit." - Jakob Deitell, Creative Director
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Please join us in store, Thursday 5.03.18 for the release of OOO's first collection at Union. We got music, food, drinks and tatoos going down from 11am - 5pm. The collection includes a run of garments from sweat shorts, cargo shorts, chinos, heavy weight tees, and zip ups all crafted at some of the highest quality in the game. Check out the preview of the gear below and be sure to stop by to check it out in person THURSDAY. See you there.