Ten C

Field Jacket





The line is designed by two ex-pats from Stone Island, they R & D'd a fabric that is breathable, waterproof and is a KNIT NYLON.   It's kinda crazy!   The fabric basically gets better as it patina's with age and wear.   It's fucking awesome.   It is extremely smooth to the touch and seems to have a sheen to it.   It is really dense and heavy, you feel like a million bucks wearing it!

If you are out of state and can't check the product in person, please trust us, you will love it!

The Field Jacket has long become a casual cult item - the military origin revealing itself in many practical details: Velcro fasteners on sleeves regulate the width; an extension can be flexibly folded over the back of the hand. Two fitted front pockets as well as two further slide pockets provide for ample stowage. A hood can be found in the collar, drawstrings around the waist and at the cuffs accommodate the jacket for individual measurements and needs.    

Made in ITALY